Bottled Deer Repellent

Judy Glattstein via pbs
Sun, 28 Jun 2020 13:30:32 PDT
The rats with cloven hooves have started sampling the larger cannas. And 
ate the flower buds off the potted lilies near my tool shed.

Someone upthread mentioned that his wive would poke holes in disposable 
water bottles, add mothballs, and that worked reasonably well.

We have a well. I don't buy bottled water. We do purchase individual 
size bottles of soda. The preferred item is A&W root beer in the 12 fl 
oz size. This has been difficult to find - the covid-19 empty shelf 
syndrome, you know. Eventually I found 16.9 fl oz which I bought by 

Himself is an engineer. Retired, but once an engineer *. . . *Simple 
poking holes would be crude. I now have a number of bottles. Each has 
two sets of four holes carefully drilled in the side. There is a pair of 
smaller holes drilled through the neck, just the right size to insert 
the hook of a metal coat hanger. Said hanger is cut, straightened, and 
serves as a support. Each bottle has five little "legs" which are 
perfect size to hold a mothball apiece. In fact, when I plunk the 
mothballs in they scurry each to their own spot.

Picture attached. Now, if they work it will all be worth it.

Judy in New jersey where the potted crinums suddenly have brown leaf 
tips. I thought I was watering with adequate attention. If they want 
larger pots at end of summer before moving them into the greenhouse I 
will be dividing xpowellii both white and pink. Amarcrinum too.

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