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Ernie DeMarie via pbs
Sat, 27 Jun 2020 16:52:31 PDT
Attaching the pic to see if that works.  From google photos its slightly annoying as I have to download and save the pic to my laptop as there is no option to attach from google photos that I know of. Ernie                            

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Hi Ernie,

On 28/06/2020 00:19, Ernie DeMarie via pbs wrote:
> On another topic, here are the Alstroemeria aurea blooming in the back gardens here in NY.  A mild winter and optimal spring (we barely got the late frost that did more severe damage north and inland from us) plus time and some self sowing make this a very nice display indeed. Let me know if the pic is not visible, I just copy and pasted it from google photos. I can see it in this email that I am sending.
> Ernie z6/7 NY

No, the picture is not visible. Pity this photo thing was going so well.

Photos must be attachments. If you inline them in a html email they will 
not appear.

David Pilling
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