Legacies and Bill Welch's bulb farm will continue

michaelcmace@gmail.com michaelcmace@gmail.com
Tue, 03 Mar 2020 08:11:31 PST
Jane wrote:

>Not only businesses but large collections need to be considered for estate 
>planning (mine is in my will), or if one needs to relocate to assisted
living at 
>some point. I have plants in my garden that people rescued and distributed 
>under such circumstances, and I expect many of you do also.

Yeah, my wife has written instructions to contact PBS if I get hit by a bus
or something. You can all decide if you want to rescue anything, pillage the
garden, etc.  ;-)

Jamie (the new head of Bill's bulb farm) mentioned something about that in
an email yesterday. She wrote:

>Regarding other bulb collections not finding a proper home, one of my goals
>is to put my contact information out there for when the case does arise
that someone 
>passes away with no permanent place for their plant collections, I am
interested in 
>saving that collection from being destroyed. I have lots of land where I
can plant them 
>and I am interested in all types of plants.

I don't know if she'd want me to post her email here, but it looks like
several of us are in contact with her, so we can put you in touch if needed.

And, I think, the best way to protect a collection is to share it while
you're still on the scene. That way you can answer questions and help the
new grower(s) get the plants settled in. That's why it's so great to have a
new head of the BX. Welcome, Luminita! And thanks to everyone who applied.

Lin wrote:

> didn't the Narcissus smell divine? 

Dang, I missed that. It started to rain soon after we got to the farm. It
figures -- first rain in a month, and we timed it just right. But it was
still fun to walk around and see stuff. If Jamie ever does an open house in
bloom season it'll be worthwhile to check it out.

San Jose, CA

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