northernsky@alaska.net northernsky@alaska.net
Fri, 20 Mar 2020 19:18:20 PDT
I know the pitfalls talking about hardiness, but I still have to ask.  Online F. pallidiflora is rated to zone 4, so I feel confident to try this one in Anchorage, AK (zone 4 or sometimes warmer these days).  I am also curious about F. thunbergii, which I thought was referred to as Japanese in origin.

But hardiness information on most fritillaria is hard to find online.  Does PBS keep records or ratings on different species?  

I grow our local chocolate lily and also F. melleagris, but I'd like to expand from there.  I will be trying F. raddeana and stenanthera, but would appreciate hearing about any others that might be hardy to minus 10 or 15 F if sited well and winter mulched faithfully.

Kathleen Swick
​​​​​​​Anchorage, Ak.
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