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Tim Eck
Sat, 28 Mar 2020 05:54:41 PDT
For those of us who at one time thought mini-blinds were a good idea, the
label use comes as a balm for our egos.  Between the impossible to dust
geometry and the immediate irreparable mangling by house-cats, I had been
aching for a reason to discard them within a month of buying them.  I have
been using a garden marker that survives direct sun for a few years longer
than the plastic tags I write on.  My plastic tags usually fail from UV
embrittlement and shatter into at least three pieces when I stub me finger
while reaching for a pot.  There is a very poor selection out there for
permanent tags and markers for collections.

On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 7:10 PM Jane McGary <>

> Crows are also very active label pullers.
> But they can't get into my bulb house, and I can, which is good because
> it's awfully cold and wet just now otherwise. I'm trying out a new
> labeling method, too: pieces of aluminum miniblind slats, fine-tip paint
> pen, and clear "outdoor use" adhesive label over the paint. You can make
> a label that can be read at a reasonable distance this way.
> Jane, Portland, Oregon
> On 3/27/2020 2:10 PM, Jim McKenney via pbs wrote:
> >   Raccoons are the worst here. Because I'm cooking all day most days, my
> fingers are oily or buttery. Raccoons have an incredible sense of smell.Jim
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