label pullers

Robin Hansen
Fri, 27 Mar 2020 17:26:16 PDT
I use of lot of plastic pot labels written on with pencil.  I write the plant names, etc. at the top and again at the very bottom, then shove the labels into the pots as far as they'll go or in tall pots, level with the top edge.  I've done this for years because I have help that gets pretty rambunctious, currently an Australian Cattle dog named Andy.  While he stays on the walkways or jumps three flats in a single bound, he is forever brushing against flats and breaking off the top half of the label, which may or may not disappear.  I have been saved from total confusion so many times with this method!

For plant sales of pots I print plant information on the clear vinyl address labels, put one on a pot label and cover it with another vinyl label.  In this climate, they seem to last as readable for on average 3 years which is not bad for a temporary label.  Birds and cats are the other label pullers but little enough of that, so I'll consider myself lucky compared to all your horror stories!

Robin Hansen
Southwestern Oregon, cold, rainy

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