Uses for Horsetails

Judy Glattstein
Wed, 25 Mar 2020 12:26:59 PDT
I understand that horsetails may be used to scrub pots, when off camping 
in the wild. They are also used by fine woodworkers to give a fine finish.

Perhaps, once covid-19 is no longer creating such strange, strange 
times, you could pull a Tom Sawyer and have eager woodworkers come to 
gather to for their projects. Or set up a booth and sell at camping 
outlets for an organic pot cleaning technique when hikers are off in the 

My apologies if these facetious suggestions are upsetting. I'll blame my 
mad ideas on these home-bound days.

The young, tan colored females stems - but only Equisetum arvense - are 
edible early in the spring. E. palustris apparently is not edible. I 
myself have never foraged for them. But did eat them in Japan as one of 
the sansai, early spring mountain vegetable.

Judy in overcast New Jersey

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