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Fri, 27 Mar 2020 06:16:10 PDT
Many  of  us are  in  lockdown at the  moment because  of the  Corona 
virus crisis and  not all  are able to spend the  time  gardening so 
this  may help!

Free reading matter from SRGC - International Rock Gardener 123 March 
2020 - 61 pages of plant based interest.  Click the link to download the 
issue : http://srgc.org.uk/logs/logdir/…

On the  SRGC website there  are  Bulb Logs since 2003, IRG since 2010 
and  much more. Need moving  pix? See Ian Young's  garden videos 
https://youtube.com/channel/… The  website   
srgc.net has  all this & more to help you learn and  enjoy  your  plants!

Hoping you  all keep safe!

Maggi Young

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