Uses for Horsetails

Laura & Dave
Wed, 25 Mar 2020 15:10:20 PDT
On 3/25/2020 12:26 PM, Judy Glattstein wrote:
> I understand that horsetails may be used to scrub pots, when off camping in 
> the wild. They are also used by fine woodworkers to give a fine finish.
Another use:
   Some of you may be horrified, but I "let" some horsetails grow around the 
edges inside my green/alpine house.  They make a better backdrop than the 
plastic, and provide some shade to benches to the north of them (I have 
Equisetum telmateia, I think, as they're more than a meter tall).  Yes, they add 
a little work to control, but not too hard to keep them where I want them.
   Plus, I've had fairly good luck using them as swatters, when a bulb fly shows 
up.  I just grab a stem, which is wider, longer, yet offers less wind resistance 
than other swatters, and is three dimensional.  A quick swish or two leaves the 
dastardly bug stunned on the ground, where a little foot action finishes the 
job.  The horse tail is easier on other plants should I miss, and break after a 
few swings, but hey, I've got plenty!  Hmm, maybe I have too much time on my 
hands as well ...
   It's nice to see posts from others.  I'm out of date on knowing about posting 
to the wiki, and how to get photos to the list.  I've had some unusual (to me, 
anyway) plants flower this year that I'd like to share.  Inviting others to the 
garden is not a good idea just now.
Everyone take care, and be healthy,
   Dave Brastow - Spring in the Northwest -- cool temperatures, showers

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