Rattlesnakes & Floristic Provinces

Joe G joseph.andrew.gorman@gmail.com
Sat, 28 Mar 2020 17:13:20 PDT
I live about a mile from the boundary of the Southern Appalachian and Ridge
& Valley geological/eco systems, and at least once a week drive over the
"border," almost perfectly demarcated by Mabe Stanleytown Road, which
follows a stream valley.

It's fun to see the changes (and similarities) in flora - different
Hexastylis, Trillium and Asplenium species grow up the mountains on
opposite sides of the road, and their hybrids grow in the floodplain where
the basic and acidic soils mix.

A friend who lives off Mabe Stanleytown heard from a neighbor that
rattlesnakes live on one side of the road, and copperheads on the other.
I'll take rattlesnakes any day!

-joe, Scott Co., VA z6b confused by a z8b winter.
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