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Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 12:26:10 PDT
Ted Kipping, a plant's man extraordinaire in the San Francisco Bay Area, 
died in November. He had a large collection of gardening books and they 
were on sale at the February California Horticultural Society meeting. 
They were going to be on sale at the next meeting too, but it was 
cancelled. This is a way to give people who share your passion an 
opportunity to purchase books at a reduced rate. The proceeds were going 
to his family, but  I suppose if  someone had a close relationship with 
a group that had regular meetings proceeds could also be donated to that 
group as well. You can read about the sale and Ted here:

Ted was a great speaker with interesting topics and photos and willing 
to share his talks with many groups. His enthusiasm was contagious. I 
will always remember when visiting his garden when it was open along 
with others his saying that he went around his garden with a trowel and 
plant in hand saying, surely there is a place somewhere. That resonated 
with me. Eventually he started planting in a nearby public garden. 
Besides making his books available for others, the other thing he did 
before he died was to have Cal Hort send out his address and say that he 
was in Hospice and would love to hear from people. We don't always get a 
chance to say goodbye to people who have made a contribution and I 
thought that was a wonderful idea.

Mary Sue

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