JUlia Jane Daffodils

Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Tue, 10 Mar 2020 19:40:30 PDT
I bought what was said to be the original clone Narcissus romieuxii 
'Julia Jane' from England many years ago, and still have it. Several 
years later I grew a group of N. romieuxii from another Archibald 
collection, which I also still have, and I see little or no difference 
between the named clone and the group of wild seedlings. Probably they 
were from the same population. I suspect the bulbs sold as 'Julia Jane' 
these days are seedlings, since it comes very true from seed. Both forms 
I have are extremely vigorous in my bulb house, where they sometimes 
hybridize with the earlier-flowering N. cantabricus, resulting in 
somewhat taller stems and cream-colored flowers. I'll be donating a lot 
of bulbs of these to the BX this summer, as they have spread to take up 
far too much room in the raised bed (under a roof) where they grow with 
many other plants. I have tried both species mentioned outdoors under a 
large Douglas fir, where they survive and flower, but the flowers are 
usually destroyed either by the rain or by slugs.

I also have a lot of Narcissus in the same section (Bulbocodium) grown 
over the years from the stock of Michael Salmon, who subscribed to the 
"splitting" tendency in naming them. I have given up identifying them 
according to one or the other school of thought, but they are all 
beautiful. The latest to flower are Narcissus bulbocodium itself; the 
most vigorous form I have is from seed collected in the Atlas Mountains. 
N. bulbocodium ssp. praecox lives up to its name, however, flowering 
with N. cantabricus in January. N. bulbocodium ssp. (?) citrinus is just 
opening now.

Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA

On 3/10/2020 1:57 PM, Sabine Kämpfe wrote:
> Hello,
> I live in Germany, and I ordered bulbs in June or July. The bulbs were
> delivered in September. There are several Dutch bulb growers and bulb
> traders who sell them. I don't know if they ship to the U.S., but inside
> Europe it shoudn' t be a problem. It is so tiny and tender and it is one
> of my favorite daffodils . Many visitors of my garden (even my husband)
> can't believe that this is a daffodil because it looks so different to
> the other kinds of narcissus which are usually grown in Germany - mostly
> Division 1 or 2 (the big ones).
> Sabine
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