Gardening books

David Pilling
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 06:44:54 PDT

On the subject of books the Internet Archive currently has untrammelled 
access to its 1.4 million book library [1].

Many gardening books including at least one by an alumnus of this list.

I can see how opening the library is controversial but it is a chance to 
see things and perhaps buy in the future.

I've collected books and technical magazines and I now have a load of 
rotting brown paper - it was a pleasant surprise to recently find many 
of the magazines available in digitised form - pointed out the folly of 
keeping paper.

Less happy to find all the supermarkets had removed the book swop tables 
in times BC (before crisis)).

Internet Archive has a scheme where one can sponsor books for digitisation.

Point being digital is the future, books are a fungible commodity.

[1] "Internet Archive opens National Emergency Library"

David Pilling
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