Gardening books

Robin Hansen
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 11:38:27 PDT
If you upgrade, Jane, download a simple bit of software called UBitMenu which changes MS 10 back to the look of drop-down menus.  If I hadn't had this, I would have gone insane!  My tech says Windows 10 is it, so we'll see.  I have it now and it does annoy me from time to time, but Janet installed it with options to keep it looking as much like 7 as possible since I don't have an 'app' phone, just what is now called a 'dumb' phone.  You're not alone in preferring desktop vs. laptop.  I have an ancient laptop I take with me on trips but almost never use it at home.  It doesn't seem to mind hibernating for long stretches...

I do have the Rock Garden book and use it for the reasons you mention.

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