Alstroemeria pelegrina

Jane McGary
Wed, 25 Mar 2020 14:22:28 PDT
I was there with Diane when we saw the wonderful expanse of this plant 
on Pichidangui's rocky beach, within the spray of the surf. I doubt very 
much that it is frost-hardy, as I've never seen it away from the coast. 
I think it's one of the species involved in the "Princess Lily" group of 
hybrids, which have similar thick, shiny green leaves, short stature, 
and well-marked flowers. As for soil, it appears to grow in rocks of 
various sizes, and I assume with sand down below. There are some other 
coastal alstros that enjoy similar conditions, such as Alstroemeria 
werdermannii. Having no really frost-free place for such large plants, I 
haven't tried growing them.

Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA

On 3/25/2020 11:06 AM, Diane Whitehead wrote:
> I saw wonderful plants of Alstroemeria pelegrina flowering on the seashore near Pichidangui, Chile.
> I now have seedlings growing in the Sunshine mix I use for all my seed sowing.  However, I am sure that this peaty mix would not be the best for a seashore plant.
> I need advice about growing it.  Year round in pots?  In and out of the unheated greenhouse?
> Diane
> Diane Whitehead        Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
> cool mediterranean climate  warm dry summers, mild wet winters  70 cm rain,   sandy soil
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