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Matt Knowles matt@aestheticdesign.com
Mon, 16 Mar 2020 14:48:38 PDT
While we have have bees, thorns, nails, glass, poisonous salamanders and other things to be cautious of (unfortunately no hedgehogs) the one thing that gets me to put on gloves while gardening is stinging nettle. I had never come across it before moving to Ferndale, but one encounter permanently burned the identity of that plant into my brain.

I’ll never forget the reaction of one friend who saw it in our yard, picked up a big handful thinking it was mint, and raised it to her nose for a sniff.

I’m at home this week and using the time off to get some peas planted, and watch all of the bulbs I bought on the PBX growing in the greenhouse. 

If the daffodils blooming weren’t a great indicator that spring is quickly approaching, my favorite nursery just announced they’re open on Sundays again. There’s a reason to be optimistic.

Now, how to get my seed starting supplies while I’m self quarantined...

Matt Knowles
Aesthetic Design & Photography

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