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Robin Hansen robin@hansennursery.com
Sun, 29 Mar 2020 09:23:43 PDT
Hi All,


We are making steady progress with the bulb and seed exchange.  Our new
Director, Luminita Vollmer, will be making an announcement shortly.  My
apologies for the delays, but the board wants everything to work properly
and without confusion.  We will have some new guidelines for donations so we
don't overwork our new Director.  These will be announced on line and a link
will be in the next Bulb Garden which I am preparing now.  Further
information will be found on the web in the next few days as our Webmaster,
David Pilling, updates the information.


On another note, as we all try to stay occupied, a chance announcement
regarding Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon caused me to check their bulb
section of new and used.  They often have excellent bulb books that are
used, one being Martyn Rix's paperback photo book of Bulbs which I use
constantly.  So, yes, I ordered five at incredibly moderate prices.  If you
can't work  outside, buy books!  John Bryan's revised edition of his Bulbs
was less than half the price of new.  And no, I avoid Amazon, preferring to
support my local booksellers.


If anyone is interested in serving on the PBS Board, please contact me.  In
the meantime, be thinking of preparing donations to the SX/BX.




Robin Hansen

President, PBS


Hansen Nursery



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