Franchi Italian vegetable Seeds: Chicory and Dandelion

Judy Glattstein
Wed, 25 Mar 2020 13:36:37 PDT
I stand corrected. I accept that Johnny's dandelion is not dandelion, 
it's chicory. Franchi (what a luscious catalog. There used to be a 
vendor at the Philly Flower Show who sold seed from wonderfully uncommon 
sources, including Franchi) Anyhow, Franchi does sell Chicorium. And 
also Taraxicum, to wit: Dandelion / Dente de Leone.

As it stands, both Taraxicum and Chicorium are exotic invaders. I 
speculate that European immigrants brought both over to North American.

What's just about to open now, along my driveway, is the 
dandelion-looking flowers of coltsfoot, Tussilago farfara. Which is also 
not native.

Enough of this not a bulb, not even a native. I retire from the discussion.


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