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Tue, 10 Mar 2020 09:54:12 PDT
 Ms. Vollmer--thank you so much for undertaking this vital PBS responsibility! I will be renewing my membership shortly.(I have also been self-instructing on growing edible fungi and a few medicinal fungi at home. Please feel free to pm me on the subject.)Thanks again,
Rick BuellZone 6 CT/USA
    On Tuesday, March 10, 2020, 12:29:11 PM EDT, Luminita vollmer <luminita.vollmer@gmail.com> wrote:  
 Hello everyone
Luminita Vollmer here writing a self introduction message for all of you.
I accepted the xchange director position and the board of directors is
hard to improve the processes we will use to manage the bulbs and seeds
exchange going forward. Additional volunteers are also pitching in. Please
bear with us just a little bit harder, oops! longer!

I live in Bloomington, a suburb of Minneapolis Minnesota. We still have
deep snow on the ground right now and everyone is experiencing cabin fever.
But we had 61F on Sunday and 47F yesterday - so we know things will soon
change, almost overnight shorts will come out of the closets and jackets,
hats and mitts will disappear until November!

My goal is to successfully fill some large shoes that everyone seems to
remember from the past, and manage the exchange smoothly. I am getting help
from the board of directors, and hopefully some feedback from you the
donors and the receivers of the bulbs and the seeds. We're in this
community together!

And I have one request of all of you before we start - please renew your
PBS subscription or ensure it is current; follow the process the board will
shortly announce; and hopefully I can walk with my best shoes to do the
rest for the Xchange!

I am working 10 hr days but not in a "job", rather doing things I like to
do, and I work hard because that's how I do things. I like to garden, I
kayak for fun in the summer,  lilium genus is my love, and for the last 3
years I've been studying and hands on growing mycelium. When you are my age
- taking classes at the Univ of Minn is free, so I do!

My garden is open for tours in the summer, so if you are in the area at any
time, ping me and come on over, will be glad to show you around. Contact me
with any questions about the xchange if you have any, I will try to respond
in a timely manner.

Thank you all,
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