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  I have heard only anecdotal claims that granite grit is to be preferred to lava rock - but I have heard it from more than one grower. I have great success with CA natives in a mix that is 1-1-1-2 decomposed granite, pumice, coarse sand, "potting mix" or various brands. I think adding granite sand to your proposed mix sounds like a good idea. I collect granite from roadsides in the mountains where the free-thaw cycles create a wonderful, especially coarse DG.

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I'm new to growing bulbs from seed. Currently I'm sourcing a cubic yard of
soil for a raised garden bed which I'll line with plastic planters and back
fill. I'll be growing a few Fritillaria, Calochortus, Iris, species along
along with others all native to the the Pacific Northwest. What I'm
considering is a 50/50 mix of a seed starting soil from a company called
Grab N Grow out of Santa Rosa that contains peat moss, perlite, 1/8″ minus
red lava sand, blood meal, bone meal, kelp meal, greensand, dolomite 10,
Azomite™, gypsum, oyster shell flour, and soil sulfur and mixing with 3/8''
minus or number 3 sand. The premix soil is pH neutral and sterile and I can
buy it in bulk. If I go this option I wonder if I should add granite sand
or lava rock sand, etc. My other option is to mix 50/50 3/8'' minus sand
with peat moss but I'm not sure if the PH would be ok for seeds. Any
suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated
David Andres
Angwin, CA
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