Oxalis melanosticta variants

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Thu, 01 Oct 2020 10:55:31 PDT
Everybody but everybody probably grows Oxalis melanosticta 'Ken Aslet'
(sometimes incorrectly listed as O. purpurea), but few are aware that there
are other forms of this species in cultivation.

Periodically Dylan Hannon has offered Oxalis sp. Sutherland, and I ordered
it from him ~15 years ago.It turned out to be Oxalis melanosticta, but was
different from Ken Aslet. I finally managed to get a decent picture of the
two side-by-side, see attached.

The pot on the left is Ken Aslet, the other two are Dylan's. The latter are
a good 50% larger, and just as floriferous. This picture was taken about a
week ago--all of the pots are covered with flowers now.They have the same
tristyly sequence, so that may be why there haven't been any seeds.

I've sent Dylan's into the BX several times, so some of you may also be
growing it.

Finally, I'm including a pic of O. melanosticta in the wild, taken near
Matjiesfontein.Has anyone here managed to grow it with the foliage flat on
the ground like this? That's Gladiolus karooicus in the back, BTW.

NW of Boston
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