Elaine Jek via pbs
Fri, 09 Oct 2020 15:22:32 PDT
Thank you to Arnold Trachtenberg, Rodger Whitlock, Carolyn in Los Gatos CA,
Vijay, Val Myrick, Jim McKenney, Margaret Oberg and Michael Mace. (Hope I
didn't leave anyone out.) who responded about saffron growing with great

I've graduated the potted crocus bulbs to a very bright area that gets more

I drenched the pot yesterday, and am planning on letting it dry out for a
once a week schedule as Michael Mace suggested, aiming for " a nice evenly
moist situation, with some air capable of entering the soil."
I tend to overwater, so I'll check the base of the pot, and if it's dried
out I'll wait a day and give it a splash.

I'm also planning on fertilizing according to Rodger Whitlock's advice for
fertilizer :
-"low nitrogen soluble fertilizer", "applied at about one quarter of the
recommended strength. A cupful of solution once a month should be adequate."

Another question, do the saffron crocus leaves 'wilt' when dry?
Or will that be too late to water?
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