Brunsvigia josephinae not re-sprouting

Bruce Schroder via pbs
Mon, 26 Oct 2020 14:13:29 PDT
Jeff - you didn't mention anything about the state of the bulb when you
acquired it.  Was it bare rooted or in the pot it had been growing in
previously?   If bare rooted, what was the status of the root system?  If
it had been out of the ground for sometime allowing the roots to dry and
wither, then the bulb may remain dormant for the entire season while it
attempts to restore its root system, although surely stored energy within
the bulb would at least push out a few weakened leaves?
The fact that it hasn't broken dormancy yet your other South African bulbs
(presumably similar large fleshy Amaryllidaceae?) might also be
attributable to the bulb being previously grown in a zone with a
substantially different climate to yours?  Really clutching at straws here
without any helpful background information!
My final suggestion, the one you don't want to hear - perhaps you have
developed a fungal rot in the root system and basal plate - is the bulb
loose in the growing media?
Bottom line, there's nothing you can do  to force "sprouting" or break of
dormancy.  If the bulb is going to, it will do it on its own terms.

Bruce Schroder
Melbourne, Australia where my B josephinae are starting to go into dormancy.
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