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Sorry for the general e-mail blast, but can Carolyn Craft please contact me personally at 

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I have successfully grown saffron in a large pot before.  They were in full sun and did well.  Critters got into the pot and ate the bulbs so this year I have planted again, with a wire basket over the top of the pots.  Hopefully this will work and I won't loose the bulbs.Carolyn in Los Gatos CA

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Hi all, I followed all the good advice from very knowledgeable people here and...Yay, my saffron bulb has sprouted! (Hopefully 3 more to come.)

It has been shaded by the top tier of a wooden bench with other potted plants above. The whole area gets bright shade and maybe a 2 -3 hours of direct sun for the plants on the top tier(potted saffron on lower shelf gets no direct sun) . 

So now I wonder, since it sprouted, do I give it more sun gradually bringing it up to full sunlight for  2-3 hours a day?

How much water should I give? I’m in 9b, California San Francisco Bay Area, and it does get pretty dry. Drench it every —3 days?

I am in mortal fear of the bulbs going to mush...

Greatly appreciate the advice so far, it’s working! :-)

Mike Mace, are you in SF Bay Area too? 

Best regards,
-Elaine Jek.
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