Seed and Bulb Exchange - Your attention please

R Hansen via pbs
Fri, 16 Oct 2020 09:04:25 PDT
Good Morning,


I'm writing on behalf of Luminita Vollmer, our Exchange Director, who is
currently swamped with donations and preparations for the last exchange of
the year.


Some of you are not aware or have forgotten that seed and bulbs need to be
cleaned, in very good condition, and with a note on the individual species
if they need immediate distribution. As always, we'll do our best, but
Luminita has a huge amount to deal with this time around due to the immense
generosity of members and some non-members. 


This will be the final distribution until early spring due to winter weather
which is already here in some areas of the country. Most northern states
have had frost and will be getting snow (fingers crossed) and shipping some
seeds and all bulbs can be unsafe. Translated, that means the bulbs will
turn to mush!


Luminita has already announced that the Request for Donations is over.
PLEASE DO NOT SEND any more donations until she notifies us in the spring.
Storage capacity is limited.  If you have seeds,  please clean them and
store them properly. A few packets of seed stored in the fridge should not
send your partner into a tizzy. Good thing I live with non-humans. Half my
fridge is full of seed : )).


Please have patience when you place an order. With such a large seed/bulb
list, it will take time for Luminita to get everything shipped. If you allow
a reasonable length of time and still haven't received your order, then
please do let her know.


Here's to lots of rain and snow where needed. We do not need another summer
of fire.


Stay safe,


Robin Hansen


Pacific Bulb Society

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