Calochortus roots

Terry Laskiewicz via pbs
Tue, 13 Oct 2020 10:42:21 PDT
  I repotted a variety of calochortus bulbs last week . Only one had root buds.They were in deep pots in sand ,grit and pumice when potted 2 years ago and kept in the glass house all year.  Only plummerae bloomed this summer. Many did not even leaf out.
    I thought maybe a little garden soil in the mix would help on this round? Or perhaps they did not get enough winter cold? Glass house kept above 40F?  Any thoughts?
   Also should I keep them moist now ?

Thanks for any help.
Terry Laskiewicz. Southern Washington. Z7

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  I have heard air pressure (specifically the swings to low pressure that come with the return of rainstorms) could be the signal.

  I tend to repot no later than Oct 1 because the bulbs start to wake after that. I have found that the new roots will only grow very, very slowly until soil moisture arrives and I have found new root buds as early as July.

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Last Saturday I dug up a pot of Calochortus vestae to repot them for this coming growing season. I was surprised to see that the largest bulbs were beginning to put out roots. They had been outside all summer with no water since the rains stooped last March. I have wandered how do they know it's time to break dormancy. Do they have an internal clock, is it temperature changes, daylight length (how that would work I don't know as they have 3 inches of soil over them?). Sunset zone 14.
Jim Barton

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