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Wed, 21 Oct 2020 09:57:24 PDT
Dear All

The items listed below have been donated by members and friends to be
shared. If you are interested in some of them, please send me an e-mail.
If you are a donor and don't see your donation on this exchange list,
please don't worry, I will have another exchange shortly as a catch-all. I
know many people sent in donations and it takes a while to get them all. I
don't want to delay donations that have a shorter shelf life.

Please *write* a new message addressed to the e-mail below


*Include* BX 471 in the title of the message.
In the body* include* your  *name, address, and # of the item(s) you want.*

Many *thanks* to all the donors. Many *thanks* to all the members for
keeping PBS alive by ordering seeds.

When you receive your seeds/bulbs you will find, included with them, a
statement of how much money you owe (usually $2.00 – $5.00 per share of
seeds or bulbs + postage and packaging charges) based on the  distribution
process and the order you placed, and instructions about how to pay/where
to send your payment.


Only Members of the PBS can order bulbs/seeds ( membership fee required),
although many non-members are subscribed to the discussion list
(subscribing to the list is free.)

This sale will *Start today, Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 1pmCST  and Close on Sat,
Oct 24, 2020 at 1pm CST. *

When this sale is over  I will send an e-mail to all that placed an order
to confirm receipt. If you don't get an e-mail, please send me another
e-mail to let me know. Lately we've been having issues with people missing
their e-mails.

Good luck everyone!
Buried in 9 inches of snow!

Exchange BX 471

*Dan Fetty*

1. Iris setosa, bulbs - lavender, 4ft tall

2. Iris laevigata, bulbs - aquatic culture, 3-4 ft

3. Iris ensata, seeds - blues, pinks, whites

4. Hemerocallis hybrids, tetraploid, seeds - creams, pinks, white eyezones
with contrasting edges

5. Lilium  ‘Frisco’ , Orienpet hybrid white with rose center, scented,

6. Hippeastrum bulbs, red and white

*Nick Plummer*

7. Cyrtanthus sanguineus, bulbs

8. Sprekelia formossissima ‘Yukatan’ x self

*Francisco Lopez*

9. Tulipa species mix

10. Fritillaria persica

11. Fritillaria meleagris

12. Fritillaria raddeanna

13. Anemone multifida

14. Anemone sylvestris

15. Eremurus robustus

16. Cyclamen persicum ‘Fred’s White’

17. Iris ensata

18. Iris subg. Scorpiris [Juno] section

19. Paeonia peregrina ‘Sarah Bernhardt’

20. Lathyrus tuberosus

21. Iris sibirica ‘Perry’s Blue’

22. Alstroemeria aurea ‘Orange King’

23. Oncostemma peruviana

*Kipp McMichael*
24. Brunsvigia josephinae
25. Crossyne flava
26. Crossyne guttata
27. Boophone disticha (few)
28. Boophone haemanthoides (few)

*Mike Rummerfield*

29. Anthericum ramosum - seed

30. Freesia laxa - bulbs

31. Hyacinthoides non-scripta ‘Ramone’ (? -not sure of the spelling of the
cultivar name) - bulbs

32. Iris latifolia - seed

33. Ornithogalum magnum- seed

34. Romulea camerooniana, syn R. campanuloides - bulbs

35. Tulipa sprengeri - seed

36. Crocus tommasinianus

*Thomas Glavich*

37.  Brunsvigia litoralis

38. Scilla (Autonoe) latifolia

39. Massonia depressa, ex Cameron Mcmaster

*Robert Lauf*

40. Ornithogalum saundersiae,  seeds

41. Ornithogalum longibracteatum,  bulblets

42. Amorphophallus eccentricus , bulbs various sizes

43. Sauromatum venosum, bulbs

*Chris Cooper*

44. Freesia furcata BX

45. Geissorhiza corrugata Silverhill

46. Gladiolus tristis BX

47. Lachenalia contaminata BX

48. Lachenalia (Polyxena) ensifolia BX

49. Lachenalia hirta Silverhill

50. Lachenalia mutabilis Silverhill

51. Lachenalia (Polyxena) maughanii (originally as unknown sp.) BX

52. Lachenalia punctata (rubida) Silverhill

53. Lachenalia (Polyxena) pusilla

54. Lachenalia pustulata BX

55. Lachenalia (Polyxena) pygmaea (noted as from Karas) BX

56. Lachenalia unicolor BX

57. Lapeirousia arenicola Silverhill

58. Massonia pseudoechinata (received as echinata but most are now renamed
to this) BX

59. Moraea setifolia BX

60. Moraea vegeta BX

61. Ornithogalum glandulosum BX

62. Sparaxis parviflora BX

63. Sparaxis metelerkampiae (short form) BX or Silverhill

64. Sparaxis metelerkampiae (tall form) BX or Silverhill

65. Tritonia deusta Silverhill

66. Tritonia dubia BX

*James Waddick*

67. Lycoris longituba - species and hybrids. Mostly pure white.

68. Lycoris chinensis - species and hybrids - Golden, yellow and paler

69. Lycoris mix - above species, hybrids, and L. sprengeri.

(Lycoris seeds have a short viability and should be planted soon after
receipt. Press in soil up to 1 in deep and water well. Hardy through Zone
5. )

*Carolyn Dorsch*

70. Chlorogalum pomeridianum

71. Allium amplectens

72. Allium falcifolium

73. Calochortus catalinae

74. Calochortus luteus

75. Calochortus splendans

76. Calochortus superbus

77. Calochortus uniflorus

78. Calochortus vestae

79. Calochortus weedii

80. Brodiaea elegans

81. Dichelostemma congestum

82. Dichelostemma multiflorum

83. Dichelostemma volubile

84. Triteleia hyacinthina

85. Triteleia ixioides,

86. Triteleia ixioides "Starlight"

87. Triteleia laxa “Humboldt Star”

88. Allium hyalinum, bulb

89. Triteleia ixioides, bulb

90. Triteleia ixioides “Starlight”, bulb

*Jan Jeddeloh*

91. Scilla monophyllos

92. Muscari cycladicum

93. Cyclamen graecum

94. Tecophilaea cyanocrocus (3 seeds per order)

Geissohriza inflexa

*Linda Press Wolf*

95. Morea pendula

96. Aristea major

97. Aristea inaequalis

98. Morea huttonii

*Jane McGary*

99. Alstroemeria diluta

100. Massonia depressa

101. Cyclamen repandum sbsp rhodense

102. Triteleia peduncularis

103. Fritillaria raddeana

104. Fritillaria obliqua

105. Paeonia cambessedesii

106. Narcissus rupicola

107. Fritillaria striata

*Stephen Willson*

108. Lilium maritimum, ex BX in 2017

109. Lilium kelloggii

*Rimmer deVries*


110. Pancratium maritimum Spain.  seed grown from BX 353 (Aug 2014) donated
by Francisco Torres

111. Notholirion thomsonianum  Few very small bulbs and rice grains ex M-S

112. Lachenalia contaminata bulbs from AGS seed 2013 #3418 started
9-15-2014 some have sprouted

113. Tulbaghia simmieri bulbs (always In growth) SRGC 2006 seed #3777. from
Roy’s friend Helga Andrews. Not sure if identified correctly but it is
definitely a small white tulbaghia.

114. Cyanella orchidiformis small offsets corms from BX368 from John

115. Lachenalia bachmanii bulbs

116. Habranthus martinenzii SRGC 2016 Probably H tubispathus- small bulbs

117. Hippeastrum blossfieldii small offset bulbs from SX8


118. Zephyranthes minuata ex Lynn Makala harv 8/20

119. Zephyranthes smallii Brownsville, TX ex BX 402 hardy in zone 6

120. Zephyranthes macrosiphon harv 9/20

121. Zephyranthes ‘sunset strain’ harv 8/20

122. Zephyranthes ‘Pink Beauty’ hsrv 9/20

123. Zephyranthes primulina ( possible some sunset seeds Mixed in) harv 8/20

124. Zephyranthes large pink with green throat - I think it is xFloryi seed
harv 7/20/20

125. Habranthus magnoi ex BX 401 harv 8/20

*Cody Hinchliff*

126. Romulea nivalis

127. Romulea linaresii

128. Lilium regale ex Taiwan

129. Fritillaria pudica

130. Erythronium grandiflorum, WA Ingalls Creek Trail

131. Lilium mackliniae, pink form

132. Cyclamen hederifolium

*Jim Barton*

133. Chlorogalum pomeridianum

134. Brodiaea californica

135. Brodiaea pulchella

136. Brodiaea elegans

137. Calochortus luteus

138. Calochortus tolomiei

139. Calochortus albus, agrillosus

140. Calochortus albus, red form

141. Calochortus albus, white form

151. Calochortus amabilis

152. Calochortus catalinae

153. Calochortus superbus

154. Calochortus vestae

155. Calochortus venustus, red form

156. Calochortus venustus, white form

157. Calochortus uniflorus

158. Dichelostemma multiflorum

159. Dichelostemma ida-maia

160. Dichelostemma volubile

161. Dichelostemma congestum

162. Triteleia hyacinthina

163. Triteleia ixioides

164. Triteleia peduncularis

164. Triteleia laxa

*Marvin Ellenbecker*

165. Veltheimia bracteata, harvest 2020

166. Sisyrinchium bellum, harvest fall 2019

167. Hippeastrum papilio, harvest 2020

*James Henrich*

168. Babiana ambigua (rec’d as B. sinuata?) ex Silverhill Seeds 14467;
Clanwilliam Harvested April 2020

169. Babiana rubrocyanea ex Silverhill Seeds 14412; ex hort. Harvested
April 2020

170. Babiana sambucina ex Silverhill Seeds 287; Joubertiana Harvested May

171. Babiana tubulosa (rec’d as B. tubiflora) ex Silverhill Seeds 14076;
West Coast Harvested May 2020

172. Dietes butcheriana ex hort. Harvested May 2020

173. Ferraria densepunctulata & Ferraria ferrariola mix ex Bulbophile
Harvested April 2020

174. Ferraria ferrariola ex Bulbophile Harvested May 2020

175. Ferraria schaeferi ‘Dark Chocolate’ ex Annie’s Annuals Harvested May

176. Freesia corymbosa ex Silverhill Seeds 1063 Harvested May 2020

177. Freesia fucata ex Silverhill Seeds 11141 Harvested April 2020

178. Freesia refracta ex Silverhill Seeds 4279; Ashton Harvested April 2020

179. Freesia sparrmanii ex Silverhill Seeds 2686; ex hort. Harvested May

180. Geissorhiza splendidissima; Namaqualand ex Silverhill Seeds 1122;
Harvested May 2020

181. Geissorhiza tulbaghesis ex Silverhill Seeds 1124; Tulbagh Harvested
April 2020

182. Gladiolus carinatus ex Bulbophile Harvested April 2020

183. Gladiolus cunonius ex Annie’s Annuals Harvested April 2020

184. Gladiolus floribundus (received as G. grandiflorus) ex Silverhill
Seeds 5390; Kleinmond Harvested May 2020

185. Gladiolus scullyi ex Silverhill Seeds 1212; Kamieskroon Harvested May

186. Gladiolus watermeyeri ex Silverhill 3389; Niewoudtville Harvested
April 2020

187. Lapeirousia plicata ex PBS Harvested May 2020

188. Massonia bredasdorpensis ex Plantae Novae Harvested May 2020

189. Odontostomum hartwegii ex Theodore Payne Foundation Harvested May 2020

190. Romulea flava ex Silverhill Seeds 2176; ex hort. Harvested April 2020

191. Romulea rosea var. rosea ex Silverhill Seeds 13395; Tulbagh Harvested
May 2020
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