Growing medium

Johannes-Ulrich Urban via pbs
Wed, 21 Oct 2020 06:28:29 PDT
Hello David,

Did you look at the wiki for an overview of different growing media? Open the Wiki, scroll down and open the button „technique“.
Personally I do not think the growing medium is that important. If you are starting to grow bulbs from seed you will have to experiment with different substrates and find the best one for your personal growing conditions. It should not become waterlogged but neither dry out too quickly. There are several articles on growing bulbs from seed in the last copies of „The Bulb Garden“.  I strongly recommend sowing in pots and not in the open ground. I tested and compared, pot grown seedlings are way faster.
Seedling pots must not be too small, the critical time is the first dormancy. If kept in too small pots the seedling bulbs dry out too brutally, more so the hotter the climate is in which you garden. I learned this the hard way.
Growing bulbs from seed is extremely rewarding, so do not get frustrated in case of some failure in the beginning. 

Happy sowing!

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