How do you kill Oxalis?

Pamela Slate via pbs
Mon, 12 Oct 2020 16:57:41 PDT
Hi Uli and everyone,
What puzzles me is that I've found bulbs of O. Stenorryncha with no growth
whatsoever as deep as a foot, just laying there. How long can those
survive? Can some Oxalis still be viable after being out of the ground for
years? It would be comparable to those I've found deep in the ground with
no growth. Has anyone kept Oxalis bulbs in storage for years?

I like your ideas, Uli, and I have as many years as it might take to
eradicate these bulbs. No water prior to placing the plastic, right? I
wonder if they would rot if I irrigated deeply prior to placing dark
plastic over the bed. Of course, it doesn't help that we are now going into
fall and winter seasons when the ground will cool. These, however, are in
direct sun, probably enough to keep the ground very warm here in Arizona.

And Jane, I hear you about having them grow up into the tunics, many of
which I've removed, not entirely, but at least some outer layers where I've
suspected strays are hiding.

I would very much like to avoid the Turflon but appreciate the suggestion
and will keep it in mind since Oxalis is a target plant.

Perhaps I'm sounding like a bit of my pest myself but I hope this thread
answers questions some of the rest of you may have.

I very much appreciate all your comments and suggestions.

Pamela Slate
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