How do you kill invasive Oxalis?

Pamela Slate via pbs
Sun, 11 Oct 2020 17:55:54 PDT
Hi Friends,
I have a 12' X 4' raised bed where I've grown a number of bulbs.
Unfortunately, two spp. of Oxalis has misbehaved to the point that I've had
to remove all plants I wish to keep, wash all roots to rid them of invaders
and relocate them. Once the bed is empty except for the lusty Oxalis, how
do I kill those remaining bulbs, some of which are two plus cms in diameter?

Sometime this year, I recall a post that said if you cover the entire area
with dark plastic and of course, suspend watering, new bulbs will be unable
to form. But what about the old, mature bulbs? It seems they will continue
to be viable for a long, long time.

SOS, please help and thanks very much,
Pamela Slate
AZ USA Zone 9-ish after the most brutal summer ever
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