Searching for Publication on the Genus Pleione

XYZ2 in Virginia via pbs
Thu, 29 Oct 2020 11:22:31 PDT
Hello All,


I'm looking for some published material on the genus Pleione, a terrestrial
orchid species growing from pseudobulbs.  


The material I'm trying to source is a reprint of " The Orchid Digest"
Volume 65 (4): Oct to Dec 2001  titled: "A Synopsis of The Genus Pleione" by
Phillip Cribb & Ian Butterfield.


It is no longer available from the Orchid Digest website and I've not been
able to locate it anywhere else on the internet.


Does anyone on the list have this reprint that they no longer want to keep?
If so, please contact me at my private email address.


Thank you,



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