How do you kill invasive Oxalis?

Pamela Slate via pbs
Mon, 12 Oct 2020 11:58:52 PDT
Thanks much for your input!

The two spp. at O. sternorrhyncha and O. purpurea possibly 'Garnet.' The
latter has purple leaves that lay flat on the ground with a pink flower.

I am still wondering how mature bulbs can be killed effectively. I have
always been an organic gardener, have never applied toxic chemicals and
that is why I asked the solarization question (I've solarized before).

I'd consider a chemical if I could be sure the mature bulbs would not
survive but would prefer another method. There are hundreds of bulbs in
that bed and I have dug up many in the past but now there are too
many.....especially tiny ones.

Thanks again for your help,
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