a Bulb Log video

M Gastil-Buhl via pbs pbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net
Sat, 17 Oct 2020 16:12:53 PDT
Hi PBS friends,
I made a 3 minute video of my newly repotted bulbs, my screen house, and a
lot of messy pots waiting for attention. This is the opposite of Ian
Young's excellent video bulb logs. Mine is messy with almost no
blooms, just a few leaves emerging. For anyone not wrist-deep in bulb
planting media themselves, I imagine this video will be rather dull. But if
you enjoy watching others' foibles or wonder if anyone tries to maintain as
many pots of bulbs as you, enjoy.


If the video link does not work, no worries. You did not miss much. Also
note that I likely miss-pronounce latin names.
Santa Barbara, California
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