New Colchicum book

R Hansen via pbs
Tue, 15 Sep 2020 15:25:04 PDT
I have just tried purchasing the book on the RHS website and ran into a problem at the Payment button. I've emailed RHS about the problem but here's hoping they tell me how to resolve that as I've been waiting for a Colchicum book for a very long time! I have Ruksans' Crocus books and I continue to drool over them at every opportunity. I'm so glad someone is still publishing monographs like this, because it seems (I could be wrong.) that Timber Press is spending too much time on general gardening books which are of no interest to me at all.

For anyone who has already purchased the book, are there any volunteers willing to write an in-depth review for the PBS Bulb Garden journal????

Robin Hansen
Editor, PBS Bulb Garden

Smoky in  Paradise in southwest Oregon, but the wind has changed so there is hope.

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