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Fri, 02 Apr 2021 07:38:16 PDT
I'll have to defer to the botanists in our group for the answer to this.  My general sense, based on total ignorance, is that altho the pollen succeeds in uniting with the ovule, perhaps the mother plant simply doesn't recognize it as her offspring and doesn't expend the energy needed.  Perhaps analogous to miscarriages of genetically defective mammals in some tenuous way.

Bodi Panisi down at GA first told me about using the technique if I have a cross that develops a pod but the seeds turn out to be far smaller than they should be.  I was talking to her about some other crosses, but she was emphatic that wider crosses than you might think can often work if you can rescue the embryos.  I had feared that one had to do some microsurgery to extract the embryo, but at least here that wasn't necessary.  So it's darn easy and I plan to use it whenever the need arises.


> What is the cause of the failure to develop endosperm in these
> intergeneric hybrids?
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