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Geri Cooper via pbs
Sat, 03 Apr 2021 09:12:36 PDT
Thanks.  Also Arnold said past lists can be found on the site.  NowI’m delving into seed growing advice on the Wiki.  Geri

> On Apr 2, 2021, at 3:26 PM, Paul Machado via pbs <> wrote:
> Geri, Here are the listings for the SX 473.
> 38. Clivia hybrid Sahin yellow, parent grown from seed imported directly
> from Sahin Mar 2, 2021
> 40. Lilium distichum, taller plants 2-3’ with longer 2-3’ pedicels Nov 2020
> All the best,
> Paul Machado
> Stevinson, CA.
>> On Fri, Apr 2, 2021 at 11:44 AM Geri Cooper via pbs <
>>> wrote:
>> Package received… Thank you so much!  But, I have a slight problem.  I
>> can’t find the original list matching seeds with names, specifically
>> SX-473  #40 and SX-473 #38.   If you can send me  the names I will be
>> eternally grateful.    With appreciation, Geri
>>> On Mar 30, 2021, at 7:54 AM, Luminita Vollmer via pbs <
>>> wrote:
>>> Dear all
>>> Xchange 473 has been mailed to all the US addresses. There are 7-10
>>> international orders ready to go out today.
>>> A few notes to keep in mind:
>>> 1. orders have a tracking number. Since we had so many issues with
>> delivery
>>> last year, the tracking was a must.
>>> 2. The donation period is still open if anyone has items to donate.
>> Please
>>> don't send me 1 or 2 of a kind, those take a long time to list and then
>>> fairly distribute, especially when they are rare and everyone wants them.
>>> 3. I am preparing another listing, with items that came in late, and
>> items
>>> we still have from late last year. I am planning for around April 15th,
>> so
>>> keep an eye out for it.
>>> 4. Again - I want to thank all those that sent in generous amounts of
>> bulbs
>>> and seeds, it makes it easier for me to distribute to all that want them.
>>> 5. For your information - if there are any donations left after an
>>> exchange, this is what I do:
>>> I plant those bulbs that need to be planted, I store those that need to
>> be
>>> stored and if they are seeds I store them in a fridge I have just for
>>> seeds. No fruits or food or anything. I store my own lily seeds and
>> scales
>>> in there. Some of these leftovers are going to hit the next sale, and it
>>> will be with a number - FirstComeFirstSeerve.
>>> 6. Here in MN - we had 70F yesterday, and this morning 32F, tonight 23F.
>>> Keep in mind when you send me anything - that some protective packaging
>>> will help if the donation is small, sensitive bulbs and the time of the
>>> year is a shoulder season.
>>> 7. Let me know if you are quite unhappy with anything you ordered, I can
>>> try to make it up at a later time in a different exchange. I am human, I
>>> may make errors, or overlook, even when I try to do it fairly. It breaks
>> my
>>> heart when 80 people want a bulb I only have 9 of, and everything on
>> their
>>> order is in that situation. Even when I knew what you most wanted, I
>> could
>>> not send you that. But we can try again later.
>>> 8. We will have an exchange of various spectacular seeds from Brasil, I
>>> don't know when, but stay tuned, I will let you know as I find out.
>>> 9. There were a few individuals that forgot to renew their membership -
>>> please do so if you want any shares. It adds a lot more steps for me if I
>>> have to check the membership and don't find you on it. Thank you.
>>> 10. I usually don't like surprises, but I can share some awesome things
>>> this group does:
>>> someone sent in a donation and used tangerines from their yard as
>> packaging
>>> material. That made me so happy! I ate them seeds and all.
>>> Someone sent me a couple plants I've been wanting for a while. What an
>>> amazing generous individual.
>>> Someone sent me some hard to find seeds, just for me to try. Now they are
>>> seedlings.
>>> Someone sent me the largest bulb I've seen and shortly afterwards it
>>> bloomed! and it had an amazing flower!
>>> I know we share the love of plants,  I can give in return my time to
>> manage
>>> the exchange the best I can.
>>> Have a nice week and Easter with family if you celebrate, and a nice week
>>> and weekend otherwise, and be safe!
>>> Luminita Vollmer
>>> PBS Xchange Mgr
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