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Luminita Vollmer via pbs
Tue, 13 Apr 2021 06:11:45 PDT
Dear all
A quick response to some of the comments on the listserv regarding

I am only able to handle 4-6 exchanges a year, and hence, we have to time
donations around the exchanges.

Some donations are time sensitive, or temperature sensitive, and they don't
last well if they freeze during shipping or if young, green plants
waiting in storage.

We all live in various zones of climate, and what fits one place, may not
fit another. But let's try to do our best if we want to share our beloved

I will remind again that I am a volunteer human, and only have so many
hours that I can give to an exchange, the first thing that I don't do after
an exchange has closed is read the messages from the list serv. If you make
any comments or send me messages on the listserv - I will not see them.
Send them to my e-mail directly if you want me to read anything.

Another exchange is being prepared, I will include all donations I
received, and some from past exchanges I still have content. If any
donations come after an xchange listing, I will include it in the next

Thank you,
Luminita Vollmer
PBS Xchange Mgr
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