Embryo Rescue

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Thu, 01 Apr 2021 10:00:51 PDT
I recently made an intergeneric cross involving Hippeastrum and got a bunch of seeds that had little or no endosperm but otherwise looked ripe.  The seeds were surface-sterilized in hydrogen peroxide and placed in sterile culture medium.  A photo of the first baby is attached.  She says it looks like more are going to develop but they aren't as far along.

A useful method that makes some wide crosses possible and is practically identical to the familiar techniques used for germinating orchid seeds.  With care, you can even do it at home in a little home-brew glovebox, altho this was done in a professional lab facility (laminar flow hood, etc.)  Yes, it's nice to have friends in high (or at least clean) places!

Bob  Zone 7  after 7" of rain in the last week or so, now there's a threatened freeze tonight.  Spring in East Tenn...
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