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Diana Chapman via pbs
Wed, 07 Apr 2021 09:47:28 PDT
I have had the website hosted by Yahoo, and they are no longer 
supporting it.  This means that I have to completely rebuild the website 
on WordPress and transfer to another host. This is going to be a 
considerable amount of work.

What it means for customers, is that although you can see the website on 
Yahoo, I am no longer able to edit it.  I can't, therefore, put things 
as sold out until the new website is up and running which could take 
about a month.  It would be helpful, therefore, if in placing an order 
you send me by e-mail the list of the species you are interested in, 
then I can confirm if they are available.  For native bulbs, and South 
African bulbs, there shouldn't be any problems, but for Hippeastrum and 
other members of the Family Amaryllidaceae some are in short supply and 
can sell out quickly.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but I hope the new website will be easier 
to use.

Telos Rare Bulbs
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