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Dear all,
PBS BX / SX_474  is now open.
We have bulbs and seeds, listed in 2 sections - please be careful when
Bulbs first, Seeds second!

I want to thank all the donors for their contributions!

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY to this email, it will go to the listserv. Use e-mail
address below:

*pbslv.xchange@gmail.com <pbslv.xchange@gmail.com>*

Includeyour name,  your correct mailing address and list of items you
I will confirm receiving your e-mail at the close of this exchange.
The exchange is open today, Apr 28 noon - Saturday, May 1, noon.

This exchange is only available to members of PBS - if you are not one, or
you are behind renewing - please do so prior to ordering.

Here is the list of offerings:


Mary Sue Ittner

1. Gloriosa superba - small tubers, summer growing

2. Oxalis melanosticta 'Ken Aslet' - plant late summer for fall flowering

3. Oxalis zeekoevleyensis - plant late summer for fall flowering

Jane McGarry

4. Oxalis palmifrons - small live plants

Luminita Vollmer

5. Thalictrum thalictroides - live plants, some already done blooming

Rimmer DeVries

6. Albuca spiralis, Winteer, ex BX 147 MSI, harv 4/8/2021

7. Brunsvigia josephine, XS9-M Mace as OP seed, harv 4/9/2021

8. Caliphuria subdentata, evergreen, BX 389 Nov 2015, harv 4/8/2021

9. Clinanthus incarnatus, Summer, Telos bright red form offsets, 4/7/2021

10. Eucharis aff. caucana, Evergreen, Columbia Quindio 1100m shady cool
even moist. 4/8/2021

11. Eucharis plicata, Evergreen, Holotype Plowman 11394-Rio Huallaga,
SanMartin Peru, harv 4/8/2021

12. Eucharis sp. ex Thailand, Evergreen, harv 4/8/2021

13. Hippeastrum aulicum, Summer, Telos offset ex Kevin Preuss, harv 4/7/2021

14. Hippeastrum aulicum f robustum, Summer, BX 394 Uli Urban Feb 2016

15. Hippeastrum vittatum, Summer BX 394, offsett Dell S.

16. Ledebouria cooperi, Summer, BX376

17. Oxalis livida, Winter, BX467 MSI 7/2020, harv 4/8/2021

18. Phaedranassa cineara, Summer, BX 346 May 2016, seeds from MSI, harv

19. Phaedranassa dubia, Summer, seedlings started May1, 2016

20. Phaedranassa dubia, Summer, Ornduff 96174 Imbabura offsets

21. Phaedranassa viridiflora, Summer, Telos offset

22. Sinningia tubiflora, Summer, garden dug 4/8/2021

23. Resnovia megaphylia, Summer,ex Tonteldoos, Limpopo

24. Cyrtanthus elatus “Pink diamond”

25. Cyrtanthus elatus x montanus

26. Cyrtanthus sanguineus

Robert Parks

27. Nerine filifolio, semi-evergreen, winter draught dormancy

28. Amorphophallus albus, eBay source, winter dormant

29. Amorphophallus konjack, einter dormant, family plant in NC

30. Amorphophallus myosuroides “Green leaf”

31. Oxalis sp (Durango Mexico) fr Dylon Hannon

32. Oxalis trollii ( Bolivia Cochachamba)

33. Typhonium flagelliforme, winter dormant


Denis Kearns

34. Ipheion uniform (springstar) - harvested 2020

35. Chlorogalum pomeridianum - harvested 2019

36. Dichelostemma capitatum - harvested 2019

37. Triteleia laxa - harvested 2019

Rimmer DeVries

38. Albuca circinata, Winter, exCharles Craib pre 2005 ex Tom Glavich BX
174, harv 3/21/2021

39. Cyrtanthus mackenii, evergreen ex Telos plant, butter yellow blooms

40. Massonia bredadorpensis, Winter, ex NARGS 2015  #1565 as M echinata,
harv 3/26/2021

41. Clivia hybrid, Sahin Yellow, evergreen, harv 3/24/2021

42. Clivia hybrid, Sahin Twins , Red, evergreen, harv 3/24/2021

43. Lilium henryi, hybrid

Ranndy Linke

44. Sysrinchium striatum

Bob Werra

45. Morea villosa

Good luck!

Luminita Vollmer

PBS Xchange Mgr
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