deer and bulbs

Carol via pbs
Fri, 30 Apr 2021 07:07:07 PDT
Judy G. mentioned Milorganite. The University of Georgia Extension conducted
a study on the use of Milorganite, which is sold as a fertilizer, as a deer
repellent. Conclusions included: 


". MilorganiteR has potential as a deer repellent for ornamental plants.
Though the repellent did not eliminate deer damage, it reduced the overall
impact. The effectiveness of a repellent is highly dependent on climatic
conditions, deer density, and resource availability. High deer densities and
low resource availability may reduce the efficacy of MilorganiteR as a
repellent. Reduction of plant damage may further be improved if MilorganiteR
is reapplied when deer damage is initially observed."




We don't have deer issues in my area, but I'm trying it this year as a
rabbit repellent (heard about it through a Colorado State University
Extension webinar).



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