] Any Narcissus lovers here?

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Fri, 23 Apr 2021 02:53:15 PDT

thank you for all the suggestions!

We do mow very late, just once or twice per year depending on rainfall, 
most parts of the lawn with bulbs with a scythe after everything died 
back. We re-introduced native flowers (Primula veris currently looks 
great between the daffodils) to what was a rigorously cut lawn, and they 
and the other daffodils are spreading, so this cutting regime for me is 
worth the effort, however, it's quite some work (but excercise, too).

The soil is the most likely culprit in the case of N. poeticus, as we 
have not had problems with pests. For the commercial Narcissus 
varieties, the performance is dramatically different even when just a 
few meters apart in grass that looks pretty much the same everywhere; 
some increase quickly, others slowly, some dwindle within a few years. 
As they are cheap, this is fine - I just add bulbs and they decide where 
they like it.

All the best,


Am 23.04.2021 um 11:26 schrieb Vlad Hempel:
> Is your poeticus still in green when you mown for the first time in 
> the year? This might also be the cause why it is not blooming 
> regularly. I still think it has probably to do with the soil they grow in.
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