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R Hansen via pbs
Tue, 13 Apr 2021 08:10:34 PDT
Good Morning, Everyone,


May I please remind you when replying to an email on our list, that you
delete all other emails. For clarification, you may of course quote from the
email you are responding too; that is definitely necessary at times.


Uli's photos are stunning and I think many of us truly appreciate the time
he takes to post them. For many of us, we will have never seen such plants
in the wild, let alone grown in place. For me, those types of photos are
essential in helping to know how to grow all the rare and unusual plants
that members of this group want to try.


Keep up the discussions. Very often I learn new information that's simply
not available anywhere else.


Except for the frost every night, spring is really here!


Best regards,


Robin Hansen

President, PBS

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