Cyp. Orchid Double Pot SoCal update.

Mike via pbs
Thu, 08 Apr 2021 18:47:14 PDT
Hello All,

Just an update on growing my Cyp. Californicum and Cyp. Kentuckyiense using
the double pot method in coastal Southern California. I obtained the
orchids in Fall 2020 and immediately potted them up and refrigerated them
from early November to late March giving them over 4 months at temps around
35-38 degrees. The pots never froze nor did any mold or fungus develop
inside the large clear plastic bags they sat in...I opened the bags 3 times
just to make sure the growth tips as they emerged didn’t touch the bag.
Other then that,  they hung out with some beer in the rear lower shelf of
the refrigerator. When I removed them it was a nice cloudy few days so they
could easily adjust to the increased temp and light levels...they are on a
south facing inset balcony so they experience any direct sunlight but enjoy
a high level of indirect light all day... I have made one small adjustment
by removing a top layer of small fir bark for pumice.  On the advice of
many in our group...just seemed a good cautionary idea.

They seem to be growing well. The left is Cyp. Californicum and on the
right  is Cyp. Kentuckyiense in the photo of them in pots and individuals
the Cyp. Californicum has several smaller growth tips and Cyp.
Kentuckyiense has two more pronounced growth tips.

I’ll provide another update as they grow and bloom in May/June.  Thanks to
all that reached out and offered tips and advice on how to be successful
with these orchids.

San Diego
Sunset Zone 23
Hope we can squeeze out one last rainstorm for the season next week.
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