Spring is on the way

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Mon, 22 Feb 2021 11:34:26 PST
It will be interesting to see if the variegation is stable in future
years.  There are a number of variegated B. striata clones--I'm not sure if
the species is more unstable than most orchids, or if it is just an
artifact of increased selection for unusual foliage on the part of Chinese
and Japanese gardeners.  I suspect the latter, because there are variegated
clones for several other Japanese orchid species.

My Bletilla are still fast asleep under the mulch.  A few crocuses and
early daffodils, Cyclamen coum, and Helleborus niger are about the only
things flowering in my garden.  The winter so far has been quite mild and
very, very wet.

Nick (Zone 7, North Carolina)

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> The first of my bletilla striata bloomed today.  I had divided them in Fall
> when they went dormant. Oddly, one of the divisions now has become
> variegated with a white stripe at the edge of the leaves. I have not seen
> that in the years I’ve had the plant.
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