African Iridaceae samples needed.

Rodney Barton via pbs
Fri, 15 Jan 2021 12:19:32 PST
Hi All,
I received a request from a Korean PhD student who is planning a systemics study on African irids and needs leaf samples (3-6 g) for DNA extraction. Below is a list of the genera they are looking for. (I wish I could say I grew all of these!) 

If you can help please contact the student directly (Kashish Kamra <>) or if you are in the US contact me and I'll coordinate a shipment (save some postage). 


1.      Aristea Aiton

2.     Nivenia Vent.

3.     Witsenia Thunb.

4.      Tritoniopsis L.Bolus

5.      Lapeirousia Pourr.

6.      Thereianthus G.J.Lewis

7.      Savannosiphon Goldblatt & Marais

8.      Watsonia Mill

9.      Gladiolus Tourn. ex L.

10.   Melasphaerula Ker Gawl.

11.   Crocosmia Planch.

12.   Devia Goldblatt & J.C.Manning

13.   Freesia Eckl. ex Klatt

14.   Syringodea Hook.f.

15.   Babiana Ker Gawl.

16.   Chasmanthe N.E.Br.

17.   Geissorhiza Ker Gawl.

18.   Hesperantha Ker Gawl.

19.  RomuleaMaratti

20.   Sparaxis Ker Gawl.

21.   Syringodea Hook.f

22.   Tritonia Ker Gawl.

23.   Bobartia L.

24.   Dietes Salisb. ex Klatt

25.   Ferraria Burm. ex Mill.

26.   Moraea Mill.

27.   Sisyrinchium L

28.   Eleutherine Herb.

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