Sylvia Sykora via pbs
Mon, 18 Jan 2021 19:06:16 PST
> A year ago this month I sowed fresh L. formosanum seed and got spectacular germination.  I now have three pots filled with seedlings that made it through their first summer and our long, hot, dry autumn without turning a hair.  Now what?  I’ve checked the Wiki, and while I’m sure there’s information there, I couldn’t find suggestions for what to do with one year old seedlings in crowded pots.  I’m inclined to let them grow on in their pots for another year as they’re doing well and have showed no signs of flagging under any circumstances.  
> If anyone can suggest a program of care for these seedlings for the next year or so I’d be grateful.
> Many thanks,
> Sylvia Sykora
> Oakland, CA

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