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Luminita Vollmer via pbs
Sun, 10 Jan 2021 16:50:57 PST
Dear all

Thank you to all that wrote re: the greenhouse subject: invaluable tips,
experience hacks and just awesome stories. I think I will compile all of
that in a handbook or a cheat sheet! Outstanding advice, tips, innovative
ways to look at the problem, just awesome! I definitely was not expecting
such a response!

I live in MN - and for a gardener in this area - everything is so much
different than for most gardeners. Even the length of the growing season is
different, let alone the conditions. I look to the Canadian friends, and
use a lot of Zone 1-2 techniques, but my heart goes towards EVERYTHING,
 and many of the plants come from many other zones, plants that need to
come indoors during the winter.

At this point the reality is that my decision starts like the song: Should
 I Go or Should I Stay! Either direction will include a greenhouse. My city
currently does not allow any greenhouse that through its size could imply
commercial agriculture. For this  reason alone I will have to move to a
different city.

And then the music starts - stay here or move to warmer climate.
It will be an adventure, most certainly. And I am looking forward to having
a greenhouse, the most important aspect.

Apologies for all that had other questions or subjects to write about.
Thank you to all, I will be back with questions!

MN at the moment, snow and cold
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