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I remember reading an article about a shared green house, but it was rabbits with the plants and I think it was around coastal Mass.  

I also remember reading an article about a fellow in New Mexico, northern I think, who dug a deep pit to gain the heat from the earth and shelter from the weather, but found that even though he got the warmth, the seasonally reduced lumens in the winter were the "weak link".  He was growing tomatoes and they just didn't get enough light.  I've experienced a similar problem with reduced light vs production when trying to grow tomatoes in the bay window above my sink.  

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There is a good book I own  -   Winter Flowers in the Sun-heated Pit by Kathryn S Taylor and Edith W Gregg, published by Charles Scribner’s Sons in 1941.

I also read another book which I read, but don’t own.  Called something like “the chicken-heated greenhouse”, I think.  It was a solar greenhouse/chicken house combo, and was warm enough to grow winter tomatoes commercially.  The woman also tried to get some other animals to stay in it (sheep?) but they found it too warm so refused.

This was on the East coast and worked there, but would never work out here in the West as we seldom see the sun in winter.

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