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Mark Mazer via pbs
Mon, 11 Jan 2021 12:30:56 PST
No one has mentioned the "pit' or "Walipini" type greenhouse for those in
frigid climates.

Mark Mazer
Hertford, NC

Three greenhouses the past 30+ years... fancy house attached curved eave
insulated glass on  concrete slab and 48" footers in CT;  disaster after 10
years. Aluminium and twinwall polycarb also in CT.... best growing
conditions so far for a wide variety of frost free plants with propane
heat  Currently in NC; a 1000 sq ft  single layer poly with roll up walls
and propane heat.... meh.

On Sun, Jan 10, 2021 at 7:51 PM Luminita Vollmer via pbs <> wrote:

> Dear all
> Thank you to all that wrote re: the greenhouse subject: invaluable tips,
> experience hacks and just awesome stories. I think I will compile all of
> that in a handbook or a cheat sheet! Outstanding advice, tips, innovative
> ways to look at the problem, just awesome! I definitely was not expecting
> such a response!
> I live in MN - and for a gardener in this area - everything is so much
> different than for most gardeners. Even the length of the growing season is
> different, let alone the conditions. I look to the Canadian friends, and
> use a lot of Zone 1-2 techniques, but my heart goes towards EVERYTHING,
>  and many of the plants come from many other zones, plants that need to
> come indoors during the winter.
> At this point the reality is that my decision starts like the song: Should
>  I Go or Should I Stay! Either direction will include a greenhouse. My city
> currently does not allow any greenhouse that through its size could imply
> commercial agriculture. For this  reason alone I will have to move to a
> different city.
> And then the music starts - stay here or move to warmer climate.
> It will be an adventure, most certainly. And I am looking forward to having
> a greenhouse, the most important aspect.
> Apologies for all that had other questions or subjects to write about.
> Thank you to all, I will be back with questions!
> Luminita
> MN at the moment, snow and cold
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